1. please contact us on Live Chat after payment done and give us the below information

    Your HOME - X,Y:

2. We will send Zgirls resources to you via the battle. Our Castle will go around your castle let you defeat us.

3. Once the Protection State ends, you should attack to acquire the resources you've purchased.You can get more resource from each attack if your lord has a higher power.With high power Lord,it will speed up the trading. All castles that we sent are lower level and easy-to-attack castles. They might be found and attacked by other players if you didn't show up on time. Please contact us ASAP if you are not able to attack on time. Please note that you will bear the loss of resources if you didn't contact us on time.

Tips:1M Resources = 500K Food+ 500K Fuel
$4.80 0 (10 +1 M Resources)
About This Game
When the zombies approach, you have to defend yourself! Don't want to blindly await death? Call up your school girls! Over 30 million players across the globe are waiting to play with you! The war has just begun...

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